“PRISM Brain Mapping is the World’s most comprehensive, online, neuroscience-based behaviour mapping instrument”


This scientifically based benchmarking diagnostics and profiling programme is designed to help  improve both individual and business performance.

The essence of PRISM Brainmapping is to identify an individuals key behavioural preferences and work aptitudes through a simple 30 minute on-line questionnaire. (Available in English or Arabic).

From the questionnaire, the candidate will then receive a comprehensive personalised PRISM report, which will provide an in-depth insight into the individual’s personal behavioural preferences based on 8 key business performance dimensions. The report will also detail aspects of Emotional Intelligence, Mental Toughness and the 5 Factor Model (The most widely accepted and used model of personality in the World).

How the Programme works:

From the initial diagnostic phase, participants will be invited to a one day orientation programme run by a qualified Gameplan PRISM Practitioner. The one day programme will provide the necessary detail and information for each participant, not only to understand their own personal behavioural styles and work strengths, but also discover how to adapt their behaviour in order to improve team working, manage and influence co-workers and subordinates more effectively and improve the level of influence with customers

 If you are in a Sales or Leadership Role:

The programme will help to:

  •   Identify an individual employees key strengths and training needs
  •   Align an individual’s strengths and competencies to improve their management and leadership skills
  •   Facilitate individual and corporate career mapping, targeted selection and recruitment
  •   Improve an individual’s relationships with co-workers, sub-ordinate and line managers
  •   Build stronger relationships and greater influence with customers

From an HR perspective:

PRISM can assist your business in analysing how closely an individual matches the behavioural requirements of a specific job role which helps to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of recruitment.

PRISM also allows the HR manager to design a wide range of development interventions such as coaching and performance appraisals with precision and accuracy