Adventure Based Learning

adventure-based-learningWe recognise that different clients have different needs when it comes to consolidation and reinforcement of competencies, skills and knowledge, especially when the target audience may be a sales or service team spread over a large geographical area at multiple locations.

Alongside the Gameplan training methodology and in order to offer our clients the most relevant solution to their specific needs, we now bring to the Middle East region Adventure-based Learning®. Adventure-based Learning® is an interactive learning platform, developed by Core-Competence GmbH, that enables participants to engage in unique, tailored educational situations specific to the industry and workplace situation.

Adventure-based Learning® offers two types of solutions: one is a completely tailored design where individual adventure games are built according to the specific client requirement. The second solution is a range of ‘Standard Adventures’ with generic content for immediate and effective deployment.

Besides saving on training costs, Adventure-based Learning® is highly effective and sustainable. Please complete the contact us page on this website now to learn how we can grow your business performance and develop your people with Adventure-based learning®.