“Our REACH goes beyond the classroom. Gameplan designs winning programmes with the right combination of tools and processes. We then work hard to embed and deliver the solutions to the highest standard” 

Achieving results through large-scale and often diverse communities of front-line people is a key challenge, but also a key opportunity. These challenges need more than ‘skills training’. In fact, layering skills training on top of past training, year after year after year creates dysfunctional legacies and minimal return-on-investment.We at Gameplan have a deep understanding of managing, organising, engaging and energizing large-scale communities of people who work at the focal point of the sales and services  organisations: with customers and shoppers.


Gameplan was established 2007 with the purpose of provide training and sales solutions to companies across the Middle East. Whilst this is still at the core of what Gameplan do, they have evolved as a training company to provide a much broader range of products and services to help organisations grow.

Gameplan is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with regional offices in Riyadh (KSA) and Delhi (India). Training takes place across a number of countries including; Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and India.


Since 2007, Gameplan have successfully established long-term partnerships with a number of key international organizations who were specifically looking for a regionally based training partner that knows and understands the Middle East market and delivers the highest quality training experience for their employees.