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Trust and openness v politics and spin

We all struggle sometimes to tell it exactly as it is.
Fear of being outcast or criticized for having an opinion different to the main stream, or even fear of becoming unpopular when you are in pursuit of popularity, makes us sometimes avoid the right thing to say or do.

So instead we sometimes resort to distortion or dilution of the message, just to keep people happy, or avoid a conflict that we know we should really be ready to have.

Politicians have become masters at dodging issues and not answering direct questions because they either don’t know the answer or don’t think that you will like it. 

So the people, who we vote to lead us, are not actually being very good role models. The result: A pandemic lack of trust in the institution in which we are aligned with, which in turn means that at the point when a politician does actually say or do something honourable and just, we are automatically skeptical because its not ‘normal’ for them to behave like that. (The bond of trust in their leadership is unfortunately already broken).

It is often said that one of the most refreshing things to see, would be a politician who actually takes ownership of his faults, says sorry and or admits accountability for something that goes wrong and makes best efforts to fix them. But instead, rather than focus on the most productive course ofaction, they still focus their message and influence on the reaction!

The idea of not hiding or dodging the issue and crucially not worrying about how people will react first and then showing some real principle and honesty when dealing with matters, is not only very refreshing, it is really the essence of great […]

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Get outside of the box!

There is a thought experiment from 1935 called Schrodingers Cat, which was devised by the Austrian physicist Erwin Shrodinger, about a cat in a box.
The argument centers around whether or not the cat in the box is alive or dead. If it is in the box and the box is closed, then nobody can see it or hear it, therefore to all intents and purposes the cat could be either dead or alive. It is only when you actually open the box that you can prove which.

If we do nothing of value, we may go unnoticed in life or at work, and inadvertently have found ourselves in our own little Schrodinger’s box, where the only one that actually knows you are there is you. To some, the box might be warm, cozy and nice little hide away where we can do less work, keep our head down and stay out of trouble. But what is the point of that!Take the cat in the box, if the box stays closed and the cat is alive, it simply exists but only for itself, every thought or idea the cat has, every sound and movement that the cat makes stays in the box. Not much fun for the cat……and just as importantly, not much point!

The idea of coming ‘out of the box is about getting out there, seizing opportunity and finding some value to you and others in everything that you do. The box is small but everything else is outside of it.It’s very hard to become a millionaire, its pretty hard to find the job you want or the soul mate that you’re yearning for, but it is easier than you think to get out of the […]

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