Sometimes it can be really hard finding the time and clarity to think clearly.

The pressure of work and the sheer pace of life often leads to Thinkstipation – my description for what happens when you just cant think properly because there is too much going on in your mind.

Because thinking clearly often leads to good decision making, it’s a good idea to practice some simple thinking exercises to help you get your clarity back.

This can involve anything from shutting yourself away in a quiet room for 10 minutes or puttin

g a pair of headphones on and listening to some soothing music.

There is also another way to get your thinking edge back  - Think differently!
1)   Kickstart your challenge with a simple mind map and play filling in the gaps.

2)   Ask yourself the question What if ? Try and build your ideas based on all the possible different scenarios you can think of that could impact on an idea.

3)   Reverse your logic for a few minutes and instead of looking at how easy something might be, look at how and why it might not be so easy or what are the disadvantages. (I know that this is counter intuitive, but to the optimists among us, it is sometimes a necessary evil). By forcing yourself to identify the disadvantages, you may also be able to think of positive ways to improve.

4)   Play the alphabet game….use the letters of the alphabet to try and stimulate ideas. For example, how will I improve my relationship with my boss today:

a.    Ask him more open questions about how he thinks I am doing
b.    Bring in one new customer
c.    Call him twice today to let him know how well I am doing
d. […]