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A Confidence Trick

The other day I received an e-mail advising me that I was identified as person who was worthy of a share of a $10 million cash pile of money, which had been amassed in an oil-rich country and due to c

ircumstances (that were highly plausible), needed to be repatriated into another country quickly. For my part (as a complete stranger), all I had to do was provide some form of facilitation, namely provide details of my bank account to help shift the money and I would be the beneficiary of a large sum of money. Nice one – I was about to become very wealthy for not doing much (except maybe being a mug)! Of course it was a ‘confidence trick’, one of many around on the internet that prey on unsuspecting people who fall into the trap of the stories and end up losing money rather than making it.

The definition of a confidence trick: an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence.

It is however the second part of the definition which is interesting – A confidence artist is an individual working alone or in concert with others who exploits characteristics of the human psyche such as greed, vanity, compassion, irresponsibility, naivety, and the thought of trying to get something of value for nothing or for something far less valuable. Does this, therefore, mean that we are all potentially party to the act of being conned, by virtue of the weaknesses in our own human psyche?

Confidence, after all, is an illusion, and hence it is appropriate to use the term ‘trick’ by means of describing how one’s confidence can be misplaced by a motivation such as greed, vanity or compassion.

Three […]